Data is ubiquitous. Especially in today’s digital world, data has become a crucial element for a wide range of industries and organisations to make important decisions. We record, compile, count, clean, analyse, buy, barter, and sell all kinds of data to make decisions that can determine the fate of businesses, governments and even personal lives. No wonder that the question of whether data is the new oil begets much interest.

From calculating our Co2 emissions to logging our moods and body rhythms on an app, the kind of music we listen to, the number of clicks per second, to the…

Here’s what happens when two groups of students from India and Pakistan break boundaries to explore their shared histories and identities.

Zahra and I protecting a candle in the wind

I am an international student at the Hamburg University in Germany. And like most international students, I live in a student dorm. I am an Indian, and I live with a Pakistani.

For those who may not know why this narrative is of interest, let me give you a quick summary. India and Pakistan despite being next-door neighbours aren’t the best of friends — in fact we despise each other and have fought three major wars. …

Sanika Diwanji

Data storyteller, journalist, essayist.

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